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12194681_1631057303812937_5270827452799961120_oHi, Jim Cantelon here, with a word about our need for your support for JIM CANTELON TODAY.

Television costs money, there’s no way around it. In fact it costs us about $15,000/day just for studio costs. Mind you that includes several tapings. Nevertheless over the course of the year the combined cost of production plus airtime will be in the one million dollar range.
I know most everything is relative, but it is rather daunting not only to produce a daily program for an entire year’s schedule AND to fund it!

So we NEED you! Keep in mind that we clearly see JCT becoming a major player in the national presentation of thoughtful, life-transforming Christian TV. And we’re trusting the Lord to impress on friends like you a sense of partnering with us on this large vision.

We’re looking for monthly supporters. This kind of faithful funding provides a stable base for operating with the assurance and encouragement that proven friends bring.

One-time gifts are always welcome, of course! So are large investments in this ministry.

I want you to know that I already feel connected with you because of the many years I’ve been coming your way via national television. When I look at the camera in the studio I have a very real sense of personal connection with you. I’m your friend.

Thank you for helping out!

Together we can do this.


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Mailing Address:
Jim Cantelon Today
P.O. Box 989
Burlington, ON
L7R 3Y7


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